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Arrival (ID)

July 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We arrived in Idaho one week ago - our dream come true.  We bought a camper and put it on our new property and are living off-grid for awhile.  The dogs and our grandson are loving the room to run and roam!  We do not yet have an official address as we wait for them to name the "road" we live on and give us a number.  Without that, not much else can happen.  The electric company needs an address.  Permits and other pertinent docs also require an official address.  That's ok, because we like the peace of  nothing going on right now.  Well, not nothing -- we are clearing a bit of the brush and dead trees.  The wild flowers, ravens, humming birds, etc. keep us company.  We can hear the tractors mowing and baling hay not far from us but out of sight from our property.  We use the local library for internet every few days, ok, twice so far.

Here are some photos of the property and the area.

Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home Day 1 - getting the camper over the trail to the property.  It looks homier now with the awning and chairs, etc.

Our Yard (ID)Our Yard (ID) A piece of the property.

What Lies Beyond (ID)What Lies Beyond (ID) Another "yard" directly behind the camper - the view from the kitchen window.  We have cut some the dead pines shown here down and cleared part of a path through this section.

The View (ID)The View (ID) This is the view from our proposed home site.  We have someone coming out later this week to look at our site and talk about construction.

Birdhouse (ID)Birdhouse (ID) This is the birdhouse our grandson decorated while we were still living in Utah.  He had great pleasure in hanging his handiwork.

This is one of the many wild flowers in our yard.



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