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Lavender Fields Forever (UT)

June 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Essential (UT)Essential (UT) As much as I would have liked to travel to France to see fields of lavender, I found them closer to home.  I did not know until we were living here that essential oils is a major industry in the state of Utah.  One of the leaders in the field of essential oils is Young Living Farms.  They have farms around the globe as well as the Whispering Springs Farm we visited today in Mona, UT. 

Lovely Lavender (UT)Lovely Lavender (UT)

Although my photos showcase their lavender, they have so much more at this location: hundreds of horses, gardens with waterfalls, a castle arena for jousting, another arena for rodeos, an old western town, a climbing wall, a giant dragon, a camel, and more!  And it was all FREE!  There is a store selling essential oils and other products.  If wandering the grounds and shopping aren't enough, they have events such as jousting and rodeos.  Next week is Lavender Days at the Mona location.

Fragrant Fields (UT)Fragrant Fields (UT) If you cannot get to one of these beautiful farms, you can immerse yourself in these images.  If you know of other great garden sites, please let us know.

Come to Me (UT)Come to Me (UT)

Lavender Row (UT)Lavender Row (UT)

Pretty in a Row (UT)Pretty in a Row (UT)



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