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The Palouse (ID)

May 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I am always amazed how many times I say, "How did I not know that?"  How do I not know of beautiful places and events and occurrences after all of these years?  I keep thinking that there can't be that many more secrets left in this time of mass information.  What is left to discover?  But, there is always something new!  I had never heard of The Palouse, but it's magnificent and covers 3 states: Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  It's the Northwest's version of the prairies of the Midwest.  These prairies, though, are not flat.  Instead, they roll over and into each other.  They undulate beneath the bright blue sky.  I first saw them a few months ago, in the winter.  They were bare and brown with wonderful plow lines engraved into them, and I wondered how even more beautiful they would be covered in green crops.  This week, I saw them partially greened with fresh crops, some about a foot high, other fields only just breaking the surface of the soil.  I loved the patterns of the plow lines, the contrasts of the colors, the way the light hit the gentle slopes and the shadows hidden from the sunlight.  

Our new home is near the Palouse, and I will get to see them with with wheat tall enough to add waves of their own as the sway in the breeze.  I can't wait to see what else I will discover in the area around my new home.  Keep posted and you may learn something new too.

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