Crouse Photography | Spring Expedition (UT)

Spring Expedition (UT)

April 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The gardens and landscaping here are lovely.  I very much want to trespass into people's yards to photograph the splendor growing there.  I try to restrain myself and photograph only the plants closest to the road and certainly not near windows and doors.  Walking the dogs, though, does provide some good opportunity to linger as we walk, although the dogs want to smell every new thing, including the flowers.  

Here are 3 images from this morning's walk.  I like the simplicity of these images, the uncluttered focus.  I'm already trying to figure out where I will hang prints of these images (metal, canvas, photo paper?).  Each was taken with my Canon macro lens.  The first two of the images have an added texture layer for added interest.  The simplest one, although it may look like it has a texture layer, is the natural background and sky.

I hope that spring is showing itself where you live and that you will note and savor the beauty of this season.  

Blue Gaze (UT)Blue Gaze (UT) Black Sky Blossoms (UT)Black Sky Blossoms (UT) Spring Offering (UT)Spring Offering (UT)


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