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Snails are Beautiful (UT)

April 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

There's great opportunity for exploration and adventure in the rain.  The dogs don't care what the weather is - they just want to go out and romp, so off we all trudge in a galloping tangled sort of way.  I found a snail on the sidewalk the other day and tried to hurry the dogs as best I could back to the house to get my camera.  Taking only one dog this time plus a kid, we went back to find the snail I had seen just a minute or two earlier.  Having a tween was an unexpected advantage because he loved the search for snails and found several for me among the gardens of our neighbors.  Here are two photos of the snails we observed on our rainy adventure.  

I love how clear the slime is in the one photo.  They create their own little river to navigate as they go along, making smooth their journey, or something a bit more scientific but similar.  In the other photo, I love that the snail seems to be eating the berries.  The color red pops in the photo and draws your eyes to the color.  Snail shells are also things of beauty.  The math involved in the spiral design is fascinating (Fibonacci / Golden Ratio.)  The colors, the simplicity.  Small miracles of life surviving a world where human impact is unavoidable.  

We were soaking wet but laughing as we returned from our adventure and our treasures (the captured images and memories.)  It was more than just rain, but splashing in puddles and lying in wet grass to get the photos, but it was all worth it.  A cup of tea and honey as we looked at the photos was just more magic added to the adventure.

Snail on the Move (UT)Snail on the Move (UT)

Snail and Berries (UT)Snail and Berries (UT)

What small adventures do you have right outside your door?  Share your experiences.


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