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Pretty in Pink

April 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday, family in NY reported that they were getting yet more snow.  Someone actually joked that they don't have enough firewood to keep warm through the summer.  For anyone not yet experiencing the beauty of spring (don't get me wrong -- I LOVE winter), here is a bit of spring from our neighborhood.  I think, if I remember these trees from last year, they are crab apple trees.  It's irrelevant, really, though, because the blossoms right now are awesome!  No matter the fruit that appears in the next few months, the tree is bursting with fresh color and energy.  We take "observation walks," meaning that we walk with the intent of observing nature around us as we walk.  It's a good exercise, as so often we walk with a destination in mind, clocking so many miles, or walking for some specified time.  Observation walks change our mindset, open our eyes, and slow us down.  We see what we too often miss.  It's more than observation as all of our senses are alert - we hear birds, we smell the scents of the flowers, and even touch things to feel the different textures and temps.  Try it and let us know what you discover as you explore your local neighborhood, maybe even just your yard.

Bouquet of Spring (UT)Bouquet of Spring (UT)

Pretty in Pink (UT)Pretty in Pink (UT)


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