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February 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Winter's been slow here with no snow until last week finally.  I've focused on some other things, like two puppies who are full of energy and need serious play and daily training.  It's been fun, but I was longing to get back to some photography too.  I've taken shots of the puppies with my phone and snow on the mountains, with my phone, the kind of shots that you send to friends and family and then delete from your phone.  I wanted something more creative, more creative and intensive, so I gathered a bunch of new textures to play with.  Textures are layers that I put over photographs to shift the mood.  It's a little bit like changing the mood of a room by putting a scarf or colored tissue paper over a light (don't let it catch fire!).  Texture layers do more than change the color, though, and you can mix several textures together.  It's fun to see what happens with different layers.  You can buy textures to use, but it's also not at all difficult to make your own.  For questions on how to do that, just message me and I'll go into more detail.  I love teaching photography!

Anyway, I started with a old photo taken in Arizona.  We were just approaching our destination, a petroglyph site, when we crossed a little bridge over a stream.  There were trees with yellow foliage and red rocks and blue sky.  The picture didn't seem to quite capture the experience and it got filed away on a hard drive.  Over the recent chilly winter months, I began to play with images like this one by adding texture layers to them.  This is one of the results.

Follow the Light (AZ)Follow the Light (AZ)

You can see other photos that have texture layers on them herehere, here, and here.  You can even use them on photos with people as with this photo.


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