Crouse Photography | Mountain Mining: Victor, Colorado

Mountain Mining: Victor, Colorado

September 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Europeans spread west across the North American Continent in quest of many things.  For many, the goal was wealth of one kind or another.  Men and women established towns as they fought the elements and each other to achieve what many of them never achieved.  Mining activity was key to many local economies and still is today.  Victor, Colorado, a mountain town, was settled by miners in search of gold.  Today, there is a more modern gold mine filtering the mountain soil for that precious element in Victor, Colorado.  
Old Cowboy (CO)Old Cowboy (CO) The mountain iews from Victor are spectacular!  The drive to the small town, tucked behind Cripple Creek, is breath-taking.  For the adventurous, there are rough dirt roads that connect Victor to Colorado Springs as well as smaller towns in other directions.  There is mining equipment and infrastructure to be viewed in a small park and within the cozy town itself.   A few shops and restaurants are operating in town, and there is at least one museum in the center of town.  There are hiking trails throughout the area, some near old mine tunnels - be careful.  

I've always found the people of Victor to be friendly and this most recent visit was no exception.  There are smiles and easy conversation, an amiable atmosphere that pairs well with the bright sunshine and the blue skies.  Get off the beaten path and see this small mountain town if you have the opportunity.  



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