Crouse Photography | Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah

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I'm not sure how many times I've been to Bryce now, but it still amazes and I cannot imagine that it will ever cease to do so.  The hoodoos (those strange shaped formations) in pink, red, orange, white, and tan captivate my imagination.  One visitor that I overheard on this trip was excited about the many shapes she could see in the rocks and was telling everyone what she saw: a horse, a shoe, an iron, etc.  One of the sections within the park is named Fairyland, referencing the magical character of the hoodoos that abound here.  As in many national parks, there is a main drive with overlooks for stopping and enjoying the views.  There are extensive trails throughout the park as well to provide even more perspectives of the wonderland that is Bryce.  

Hoodoo Glow (UT)Hoodoo Glow (UT)

It was mostly cloudy, so catching the hoodoos lit by the sun was an exciting moment.  I think I get this shot every time but its beauty still grabs me each time I see it.

Postcard from Bryce (UT)Postcard from Bryce (UT)

Ancient Stone (UT)Ancient Stone (UT)

Can you even begin to count the hoodoos?  Isn't the contrast of colors wonderful?  Everywhere you look there are hoodoos!

Hoodoos Everywhere (UT)Hoodoos Everywhere (UT)

Not all hoodoos are red and orange.  The white ones stand out among so much color.

What Remains (UT)What Remains (UT)

Window on Erosion (UT)Window on Erosion (UT)

The waterfall is on the Mossy Cave Trail, a quick little hike.

Mossy Creek Falls (UT)Mossy Creek Falls (UT)

As always, travel safely.  Bring water, a map (and know how to use it), backpack with snacks, wear a hat and use sunscreen, and dress in layers for all kinds of weather.  Also, take rests along the way when hiking.

Be Prepared (UT)Be Prepared (UT)


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