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Better Than Marshmallows

September 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A favorite of fall is the fires (the controlled kind) - of a campfire, burning piles of leaves, logs in a fireplace, a bonfire on the beach, etc.  And that brings to mind roasting marshmallows and then some s'mores, sticky fingers, dirty faces, and good old fashioned laughter and memories made.  Know what's better than regular old marshmallows?  Peeps!  They come out for every holiday season now so you can easily find them this time of year, probably pumpkin and ghost ones.  Whatever shape or color, they work.  Just put them on the end of your stick and CAREFULLY roast them over your fire.  The sugar coating caramelizes wonderfully.  DON'T burn your tongue on the hot sugar!  I don't usually like roasted marshmallows, but I will eat one of these around the campfire.  I've already got our packages of Peeps packed for our camping adventure this weekend.  They are easy to pack - light weight, not really breakable, and don't take up much space, plus not a problem if they get squished even.  ENJOY wherever your travels take you.

Peeps over the CampfirePeeps over the Campfire


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