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Awaken to Iowa

August 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Usually when we camp, we set up the tent, but sometimes when it's just me and the kids, we sleep in the Jeep (and on rare occasions with Bill we will sleep in the Jeep as well.)  Sometimes it's late and I'm tired and sometimes we drive through the night, pulling over when needed, and definitely if weather is rainy or too windy to bother putting up the tent.  We had a deadline, a place to be on a certain date, so we were driving through the night when we stopped for a bit of sleep in Iowa.  I've driven across Iowa before and really like the hilly part of the state and did not want to miss it by driving through it at night.  I don't remember where we stopped this time, but this is the scene that woke me up.  I've woken  up to drop off cliffs at sunrise that I could not see the night before, amazing rock formations and hoodoos of varying tints and shapes.  I've woken up to the Alps covered in snow, icebergs, and myriad other amazing sights, and this is right up there with the best of them.  I, as others slept, enjoyed the coolness of the summer morning, watching in awe as the sun slowly brought the color back to earth.  The sky became brighter, the grasses greener, the flowers more vibrant.  Morning is one of my favorite times of day, the freshness and possibility of it.  It's a wonder of surviving the dark and the unknown.  Snug with a light blanket over me, I didn't have to move to watch this spectacle.  By the time others awoke and clamored for food, I was ready for them.  

Beauty Awaking (IA)Beauty Awaking (IA) I encourage you to be adventurous in your travels.  Comfort is not everything, and many things are worth a bit of discomfort and bother.  Try to stretch yourself just a bit and discover something wonderful that you would otherwise have missed.  And if you really have a bad time, turn it into a good story and don't forget to take pictures of it to illustrate your story (or to prove how bad it was.)

Morning Rising (IA)Morning Rising (IA)


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