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Skyline Drive (Utah)

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Across the Way (UT)Across the Way (UT) Skyline Drive is a seasonal road, unpaved, that runs across mountain ridges in the LaSal-Manti National Forest.  It is divided into two parts.  We began in Tucker, UT and headed south.  Our first surprise was a flock of sheep heading in our direction.  They were everywhere, in the bushes, on the road, up the mountain, along the stream, etc.  And they were loud.  I never knew that sheep had so many voices in such a broad range of tones.  The dog was excited to see them, but he remained in the Jeep despite his enthusiasm for getting out and playing with them.  

Knowing the Way (UT)Knowing the Way (UT) Next, we came across fields of spring flowers.  The flowers were amid aspen, sage brush, and in the foreground of spiring pines.  Pick a color, shape, or size, and it was most likely there to be enjoyed.  I didn't know that there were so many kinds of yellow flowers in the spring, or white, or blue.  The backdrop for these awesome scenes were the mountain range and its snowy peaks.  

Even though it was a beautiful weekend in summer, there was not much traffic.  There were the ubiquitous campers with multiple 4-wheelers and several trailers with horses, but we had little contact with people as we explored our own paths.

Riding the Roads (UT)Riding the Roads (UT) As stated above, this is a seasonal road.  We had tried to take it several months ago but it was closed, opening (usually) the first of July.  Road conditions were generally good for a dirt road, but not so good on the second part of the drive (also known as the Backway.)  We were at higher elevations (over 10,000) and there was snow on the ground and on the road, but it was melting fast and the snowmelt made for slick mud in some spots.  We eventually got stopped by snow cover and a large boulder in the middle of the road.

Being unable to continue the drive, we headed down Spring Canyon a bit to find a place to set up camp for the night.  We found this beautiful site with a rushing river just through the trees.  It was incredibly quiet and we did not hear any sounds of "civilization" all night except for one plane that flew over.  There were wildflowers, to include giant white columbine.  It was a wonderful place to go to sleep and to wake up to.  We slept without the top on the tent and the stars were magnificent all night long.

A Place to Sleep (UT)A Place to Sleep (UT)


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