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The Poppies that Remain

June 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

PairedPaired I overheard a woman talking about "fields of poppies" that were in bloom not all that far from us.  A quick internet search told me that the poppies were in Alpine, UT at Lambert Park, what was once a ranch owned by Mr. Lambert.  His wife had planted some poppies when they lived there and they are all that remain except for a bit of a stone structure left on the property.  This was all a long time ago.  We packed the dog and the kid up and headed out for a pleasant hike through the poppies.  All that RemainsAll that Remains

It's not hard to find - the GPS led us to the location easily.  There were signs warning that motor vehicles beyond "this point" would be fined.  We parked and walked off to find the poppies.  It really isn't anything like what I would call a park.  It was open land, rather scrubby the way land is here in desert areas.  It looked like a construction zone with new developments of houses going up all around.  There were no signs announcing this as a park, no signs about the many trails (trails abound per my internet search.)  We saw several cars in the distance, so we headed that way.  It was the right place.  Fields of poppies?  Not really.  Fields of photographers?  Definitely.  The flowers were in a rather contained area, what might have once been a garden but over the years trees and brush have filled in and allow the poppies to continue to bloom.  The photographers, except for me, were there to photograph brides and children amid the bright blooms.  Oh, and the one guy was there to photograph someone else riding a mountain bike through the flowers.

False MoonFalse Moon All of the poppies are orange.  The mountains are near and still have snow on them.  It had been in the 90s earlier in the day, so the evening was warm and the sun was golden.  More cars and people arrived.  Women were changing clothes in the bushes.  Children were crying - every one of them, the whole time.  

Open HeartedOpen Hearted Despite the obstacles, I enjoyed my time with my camera among the flowers.  I was able to filter everyone else out and zoned in on the light shining through the petals.  The colors were intense, the flowers beautiful.  I offered to help one mother with her sobbing daughter and loved holding the sweet girl.  

Taking in the View (UT)Taking in the View (UT) I returned in the middle of the day about a week and half later and there was NO ONE else there.  Even with the other people, though, it's still a sight to behold as the images show.

Watching and WaitingWatching and Waiting


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