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Party Puppy

June 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Party PupParty Pup At the end of the day, after a special dinner, there was only one thing left to do -- eat the birthday cupcake.  

We desensitized our puppy all day to the hat.  He got to see it, then smell it.  After repeating this several times, Jäävuori, got the idea that he could not tear it to pieces.  We moved to holding it over his head, and then eventually touching it to the top of his head.  As Jäävuori became accustomed to this thing being on his head, he enjoyed the praise.  At last the time came and we knew he would be more focused on the cupcake than the hat, which he definitely was.  He knows to sit and wait for the signal before eating, and was able to do this well.  At last he got the ultimate reward -- the cupcake.

CupcakeCupcake The cupcake had no sugar or grains.  It was raw beef heart with a few pieces of shredded cheddar as sprinkles.  Jäävuori knows enough not to eat the wrapper.


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