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Chaco Culture National Historical Park

June 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Chaco Ruins (NM)Chaco Ruins (NM) Chaco Culture National Historical Park is an awesome place to visit.  It offers history, Native American artifacts, beautiful scenery, camping, hiking, and majestic night sky viewing.  The site is more than 1000 old with structures from different time periods and cultures.  The preservation of the structures is amazing!  Can you imagine your house or your town still standing so well in 1000 years?  You can wander through some of the "rooms" and around the perimeters.  The native dwellings are among the best in the USA, so definitely worth the trip.

Chaco Structure (NM)Chaco Structure (NM) This is desert area despite the green grass in the images.  Spring rains were upon us while we were there but the elevation (over 6000 ft) and the desert habitat will need this water to survive the hot and arid summer.  We actually had a brief hail storm that evening in the campground.  The sunset, though, was amazing over the mesa following the storm.  I did see a dead rattle snake and watched a raven come to feed on it.  This is said not to discourage you from visiting, but to remind you to be careful when in nature. 

Chaco against the Cliff (NM)Chaco against the Cliff (NM) Chaco is a remote site, part of northern New Mexico's wilderness areas.  It's an adventure just getting to the site.  I had tried last year but rain and flooded washes prevented me from making it.  To get to the park, you must travel on dirt roads.  Some dirt roads are better than paved roads -- these are not.  You must cross a wash with signage warning you not to cross if it has water in it.  We made it through both ways without the wash flooding this trip.  A little later in the season should assure you of dry roads.  Not only does the rain flood the wash but the dirt road becomes slick and covered in thick mud.  Plan accordingly.


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