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Mountain Flowers in Spring

May 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One of the reasons I wanted to make a trip to California was to see the flowers blooming in the Sierras.  There was a variety of them in every color.  Some were just small little plants, some taller, and others larger bushes of blooms.  Meadows were full of color as well as the forests, and there is plenty of pine forest to explore.  Route 299 is a great place to discover what this area has to offer, to include volcanoes, a rushing river, lakes and reservoirs, and cool little towns.  There is camping along the river in the national forests, and there is a national recreation area at Whiskeytown with even more camping and hiking.  Mountain views abound, of course.  

Sierra Blue Lupine (CA)Sierra Blue Lupine (CA)










These white flowers with  blue veins and yellow centers look more fragile than the lupines.  They remind me of old-fashioned ladies handkerchiefs.  They're pretty and a little vintage.  I love how the purple flowers are cozied up with the log.  A decaying log provides yummy nutrients for the life around it.

Pretty Is As Pretty Does (UT)Pretty Is As Pretty Does (UT)









The intense magenta color of these catches your eye from a distance and you just have to get closer to them.  The purple is also eye-catching.  There is always something just ahead, just around the next bend, and over the next ridge - the allure of exploring and the thrill of discovery.

Purple Meadow (CA)Purple Meadow (CA)








These blue flowers are new to me.  They grow on bushes near the coast.  This white one opens into a huge flower head and also lives near the coast.  










Speaking of the coast, I love these bunches of flowers that provide such a beautiful foreground of the ocean view.  They provide a contrast in color to balance the blues.  The rhododendrons were in full bloom in gardens along the northern coast.  A few of them were in bloom in the redwood forest - the other reason for this trip at this time.

Ocean Framed by Flowers (CA)Ocean Framed by Flowers (CA)










The calla lily was a total surprise for me.  I've only seen them in churches and wedding bouquets.  I had never thought of them growing in the wild, but there they were.  I saw these beauties several times in northern California on this trip.

I hope you enjoyed the smattering of spring blooms collected on our trip to northern California.  You get to enjoy them without the rain and chilly temps, but alas, without the sound of ocean waves, the joy of windy mountain roads, the pleasures of camping, and the wildlife that we like so much.


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