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Kodachrome Basin State Park (UT)

May 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As magically beautiful as Utah is, you can expect that its state parks are gems and you'd be right.  Kodachrome Basin State Park had been on our list for a while to visit, but so have a lot of other places.  Finally it was time to visit Kodachrome.  The park is in southern Utah and not very far from many other wonderful sites, so plan on spending some time in the area if you visit.  The park is named after the color film for which Kodak is so famous, and the name suits it because of the color variations throughout the park.  As part of the Grand Escalente Staircase, you can see various layers of the earths crust here, each exposed and recognized by the different colors of each.  There are lovely hikes throughout the park, but you don't have to hike to see much of what makes the park so beautiful and notable.  One of the formations that can be found within the park are the pipes.  These are the long thin formations, they look like pipe (see the photo below), that stand tall and strong.  There are several other landmarks, like Shakespeare Arch.  If you want to camp, there are a few campgrounds in the park and BLM land and other nearby parks with camping as well.  

We plan on returning this park soon so that we can see it at sunset and sunrise.  If you'd like to camp with us and take photos with us, we'd love for you to come along.  Just contact us for more information.

Kodachrome Stovepipe (UT)Kodachrome Stovepipe (UT) Kodachrome Colors (UT)Kodachrome Colors (UT)


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