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Just Like in the Movies

May 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This scene reminds me of something straight from an old western movie, probably from several old movies.  My dad and I used to watch Clint Eastwood's westerns together - special times.  Maybe that's why I love the west now.  We were traveling through northwestern New Mexico recently and needed a place to stop and make some sandwiches, and this is where we stopped that afternoon.  If I remember correctly, we were driving south on HWY 371 - or someplace in that vicinity.  The road was appealing - all dirt roads seem to call to me, inviting me to explore.  We were very careful, though, not to intrude on the property past the gate.  After all, other roads were calling me too.  I will look up our travel itinerary if anyone wants more info on the location - just message me.

Old West Scene (NM)Old West Scene (NM) As I said, it was mid-day when we stopped and I took this photo.  Lighting at noon is usually harsh and not as interesting as the light much earlier or later in the day.  To compensate, I added some texture layers, I think 2 in this image.  The layers add a bit of mood and the effect of better lighting.  The original image plus some "texture" layers are placed in a pile.  I then change the opacity of the texture layers so that the original photo shows through them.  There are a number of programs that can do this, some free ones even.  I use Photoshop for my work, mostly because I've been using it for decades and it's familiar to me.  This is one of the things that you can learn to do in our workshops.  You can find texture layers online, lots for free, but they are so easy to make yourself.  If you have any questions about textures or layering, I would gladly answer them.



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