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Hoodoos for Everyone

May 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

If you've ever been to Bryce Canyon National Park, it would be easy to think that all hoodoos in the world are in this one place.  You'd be wrong, though.  Bryce certainly has an abundance of hoodoos, but there are plenty of them to be found elsewhere too.  We recently camped in some of the wilderness area of New Mexico just to visit with some of their spectacular hoodoos.  

What's a hoodoo you ask - it's a strange shaped formation formed by many years of erosion and natural forces.  Each is imaginative and unique.  The desert area, with little vegetation is more exposed to the elements and the desert is also more enduringly preserving due to less rainfall.  Hoodoos come in every color and frequently in multiple colors in one.  They may be grouped together or stand aloof.  Some are small and others are quite large.  I find them captivating, amusing, and beautiful.  Hiking through hoodoo land is much like traveling to an alien planet.  The surroundings are unlike any other.  

An extra perk of visiting hoodoos here is that there is little light to interfere with star viewing.  The stars are most amazing when seen from wilderness areas.  We visited during a meteor shower and saw a dozen in less than an hour.  Extraordinary!  

Hoodoo Hoedown (NM)Hoodoo Hoedown (NM) Hoodoo Garden (NM)Hoodoo Garden (NM) Hoodoo among Many (NM)Hoodoo among Many (NM) Hoodoo Tabletop (NM)Hoodoo Tabletop (NM) Hoodoos of My Dreams (NM)Hoodoos of My Dreams (NM) Hoodoo Huddle (NM)Hoodoo Huddle (NM) Hoodoos on Holiday (NM)Hoodoos on Holiday (NM)

If you do visit hoodoos, please be careful to preserve them.  Do not climb on them, tie anything to them, carve on them, or in any other way engage in destructive behavior.  As always, be careful exploring, minding weather, sun, dehydration, snakes, etc.  Do not drive across (or try to wade or swim) washes that have moving water.  The current is stronger than you might think and dangerous.  Flash flooding is a serious danger.  It is extremely easy to get lost out here, so bring a map and know how to use it.  Be prepared for survival in the unfortunate event of some difficulty.


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