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Desert Flowers (for Mothers)

May 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I hope that you didn't forget to send a card or something to those in your life that care for, tend to, and mother you.  Just in case you did forget, send a link to this page - it's a bouquet of lovely flowers, better than you could buy in any store too.

I  am always amazed by the varieties and the beauty of flowers I discover in the desert.  The variety seems endless.  Flowers are tough but fragile, surviving but doomed.  They are soft and sweet, tall and spiky, and others seem to defy description.  All, though, are amazingly beautiful.  Each of these, even the lupine, was growing in challenging conditions when I photographed them.  I don't know the last time that it rained, but it hadn't been recent.  There was enough moisture in the ground, though, to nourish these determined plants.  Soon, though, these surprising discoveries will perish until the next spring and vegetation in the desert will become brittle and duller until then.  Each of these was photographed in New Mexico at the end of April, except for the two yellow cacti from Arizona taken during spring of a different year.

Wherever you are, get out and discover the beauty that is near you.

Fragile Desert Pink (NM)Fragile Desert Pink (NM) Purple in the Desert (NM)Purple in the Desert (NM) Tiny Yellow Flowers in Big Desert (NM)Tiny Yellow Flowers in Big Desert (NM) Lupine for You (NM)Lupine for You (NM)


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