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Variation in Landscape: Utah

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One of the many things that amaze me is the wild variation of the landscape in Utah.  Standing in just one spot, depending on which direction you look, you can see multiple landscapes that seem disconnected from the others.  One direction may be softly sculpted hills while another direction, right next to the hills may be rough and rugged formations of red rock.  Next may be outcroppings of green stone, and then mesas, and then cliffs along the creek.  The landscape changes color as you explore it.  Rocks in Utah come in all colors and you  can see blue mesas, creamy hills, tans, greens, deep reds, bright oranges, rich purples, and gentle tans with many other colors too.  One of the most obvious characteristics of the landscape in Utah is the massive size of everything.  What may look like one large rock may stretch for miles.  Others soar high into the sky.  Distances are bigger here compared to traveling in the east.  Wide angle lenses are required to capture the landscape because it just doesn't fit into the picture otherwise.  

We recently spent a few days bumming in the canyons, specifically Onion Creek Canyon, near Moab.  The pictures in this post are all in proximity to the others and you can see some of the variation of the scenery.  As we explored the canyon, we followed the creek, not shown in these photos but is a prominent feature of the canyon.  

There are plenty of camping sites in the area but they fill up quickly.  Despite the full campsites, we did not come across many people as we explored the canyon.  There are the ATVs that like to bump their way over the off-road trail, but even these were sparse in mid-March.  If you want to explore the canyon, 4 wheel drive and high clearance are necessary.  The road has rocks and is bumpy.  

Weather had been dry so we did not worry about how slippery that mud can be when it's rained.  Rain also means flash flooding in the canyon.  You cannot always predict the rain, so be careful.  As always, bring plenty of water and suntan lotion. Oh, and don't forget your sunglasses.  Snakes are also something to consider but being careful should keep you safe.  Do not put your hands or feet where you cannot see them (like when when scrambling over rocks.)  Do not drink the water in the stream without purifying it.  It looks great and tastes great, but what you cannot see in it can kill you.

Canyon Rocks 1803 (UT)Canyon Rocks 1803 (UT) Steam Engine Formation (UT)Steam Engine Formation (UT) Green Rock (UT)Green Rock (UT) Cake Top (UT)Cake Top (UT) Velvet Hills (UT)Velvet Hills (UT) Canyon Hoodoos (UT)Canyon Hoodoos (UT) Red Hills (UT)Red Hills (UT) Chiseled Rock (UT)Chiseled Rock (UT) Totem Rock (UT)Totem Rock (UT) Outcropping (UT)Outcropping (UT) Canyon Rocks (UT)Canyon Rocks (UT) Red Mesa (UT)Red Mesa (UT) Rugged Rock (UT)Rugged Rock (UT) Fisher Towers (UT)Fisher Towers (UT) Red Rock Formations (UT)Red Rock Formations (UT) Windswept Mesa (UT)Windswept Mesa (UT)


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