Crouse Photography | Temple Mountains of Zion National Park (Utah)

Temple Mountains of Zion National Park (Utah)

March 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

West Temple Mountain is an iconic image of Zion NP and one of its highest peaks.  This broad shouldered mountain reaches 7810 feet high.  There are trails that go up this mountain but some can be difficult, but they say that the views are some of the best in the park.  There are also climbing opportunities.  The size, shape, and coloring of this mountain make it an easy one to distinguish as it is viewed from many points in the park.  It is probably most frequently photographed in line with several other peaks from the area near the museum.  (See next week's blog for images of this.)  The massive block of stone with its sheer cliffs (Zion has some of the highest sandstone cliffs in the world) is mesmerizing.  It looks powerful and majestic.  It's name comes from a nearby mountain with a similar cap, East Temple.  The red suggests the blood that would be offered on an altar of animal sacrifice, and the flat tabletop makes this easy to imagine.  If you know myths and stories about this mountain, we'd love to hear them -- please share.  

The photos are almost identical, but I like both the extra detail and also the greater context that both provide.

West Temple (Utah)West Temple (Utah) Zion's West Temple (Utah)Zion's West Temple (Utah)


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