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Crazy Winter Sport: Skijoring

March 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Cowboys are fun to watch at any time of year, but maybe more so in winter at a skijoring event.  This is a competition where cowboys on horses gallop straight down a snowy course while towing a skier/snowboarder who must navigate from side to side of the course to make the required jumps and to grab the strategically placed rings.  Speed counts as well as accuracy.  This particular event was in February.

Some participants are more experienced than others.  At the event we attended in Midway, Utah, skiers could register and hope to find a cowboy willing to ride down the field, or cowboys could arrive and hope to find someone in need of a ride.  Of course paired participants who have trained together and know each other can register too.  Never done anything like this but want to try it?  You can enter the beginner's level and experience the thrill as soon as next winter.  There are skijoring events in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.  There may also be others that we have not discovered yet.  While reading about this sport, I did find a similar sport, but instead of cowboys and horses, the skiers are towed by dogs.  I have not seen this in person, only the one with the cowboys.

If you've participated in skijoring or been a spectator, we'd love to hear your experiences.  Start making your plans now for next winter's competition schedule whether it's on a horse, on skis, or on the sidelines.  And, yes, one of the skiers in these pictures has only one leg.  

Skijoring 27 (UT)Skijoring 27 (UT) Skijoring 32 (UT)Skijoring 32 (UT) Skijoring 76 (UT)Skijoring 76 (UT) Skijoring 19 (UT)Skijoring 19 (UT) Skijoring 38 (UT)Skijoring 38 (UT)



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