Crouse Photography | Red Canyon through the Fog (Utah)

Red Canyon through the Fog (Utah)

February 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I first discovered Red Canyon several years ago when I was traveling with my son.  I've been back to it a few times now, and I discover a totally different canyon each time .  This was the first visit in heavy fog and snow, and it enchanted as always.  Like watching clouds, the shapes allow you to imagine other shapes in them.  I guess they are like totem poles in that sense too with a story to tell to those who understand.  Red Canyon is just outside Bryce Canyon National Park.  Consider your visit to this region as a full course meal.  Each view is another course, each providing fullness of sensory stimulation.  Although we did not explore the red rocks on this most recent visit, we have wandered the trails among the towering statues of rock and climbed the hills on sunnier days.  This is an easy adventure for almost all abilities.  Children will love it at least as much as adults.  There is a visitor center and parking.  Bring your own food and water and enjoy a picnic in this awesome location.  Don't forget your sun screen, even in winter, and protection for your head.  Be sure to take lots of photos and share them with us too.

Hoodoos in Fog (UT)Hoodoos in Fog (UT) Red Canyon through Fog (UT)Red Canyon through Fog (UT)


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