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Puppy Updates

December 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It's snowing right now - those big, fluffy kinds of flakes.  Of course, the dogs all whine if we don't let them out in it.  They somehow know the scent of snow or the sound of snow - they know it's out there and they need to get to it.  Izmir and Jäävu are energetic in their scampering, but Tilly is more of an admirer although she gets her pouncing and licks in too, and she fights when I bring her inside.  

The first 2 images are from last week, without snow.  The third is clearly with snow.  Hopefully the snow will be here tomorrow morning and we can get pictures of all of the dogs and hopefully some deeper snow by then.


Bottoms UpBottoms Up

I'm Waiting for MoreI'm Waiting for More


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