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Puppy Christmas 2017

December 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Merry Christmas to all!  We hope that you found joy and peace this holiday.  The wonder of love is the best adventure.  As a family geographically dispersed but treasuring family connections, we used Skype and FaceTime, 6 phones/tablets/computers to celebrate together.  We could see each household and hear all the laughter, oohs and aah, and shouts of glee despite the many miles separating us.  Throughout the day, we texted to share foods made and enjoyed, new clothes worn, and gifts put to use.  It's not the same as being together in person, but until we can all congregate again, this is pretty good.  Of course the pets in each household shared in the festivities.  Our pups love their new toys and their new blankets.  Left alone for a few minutes yesterday, Tilly, our youngest decided to lay claim to Izmir's cabin.  She pulled her large new blanket out of her own kennel and dragged into the next larger one, and then settled down to nap.  Here is an image of each dog on Christmas day.

Puppy Christmas 2017Puppy Christmas 2017


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