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Mountain Peaks of Utah

December 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Amid the Peaks (UT)Amid the Peaks (UT) From HWY 189 near Provo, UT is a road that wends its windy way over the mountains with magnificent views - Squaw Peak Road.  It's a 4-wheel road that gets worse as it goes, but so worth it if you are able to continue.  Wet weather may make this drive a pretty bad road to travel, so make decisions wisely and carry the right gear for challenging circumstances.

We traveled this route late September after some early snow.  The sun was bright and temps were mild.  The views were breathtaking!  I had recently bought a new super wide angle lens, but that would not do the scene justice.  I had to shoot panorama to even begin to capture the beauty of what we experienced in person.  

I hope to make this trip again in the spring once the roads are open again.  Anyone want to come with me?



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