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NW Montana - Quick Travels

November 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Curiosity of a Bighorn (MT)Curiosity of a Bighorn (MT) Last week, we traveled to northwestern Montana.  We knew that it would be beautiful; just the name Montana conjures images of the grandest beauty, the most majestic mountains, iconic mountain streams, and an impressive array of wildlife.  We were not at all disappointed - the state actually seemed to go above and beyond our best expectations and hopes.  There was snow!  I know not everyone wold cheer about that, but it was fresh snow that glittered in the brilliant warmth of an intense sun that broke through the clouds in a burst of awesomeness.  The rivers were full of fish that fed the wild swans and the bald eagles.  We saw bison, a giant of an elk, deer, a variety of huge hawks, and bighorn sheep.  All except the bison were up close.  The mountains - what can I say about them other than they are breathtakingly beautiful.  They rise up from the low lying clouds, towering high in the sky like the mythical and mystical forms that they are.

Montana RiverMontana River

Winter River (MT)Winter River (MT)

Izmir, our newest puppy, celebrated her 3-month birthday in Montana with an introduction to snow.  It did not take long for her to realize the fun that this strange wet and cold stuff could be.  She sprinted up and down steep hills/mountains in it and loved every minute of it.  

Puppy in Montana SnowPuppy in Montana Snow

Enjoy a few glimpses of our travel and adventure, while you plot your own adventures.  

Elk Viewing (MT)Elk Viewing (MT)


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