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Western Weekend (UT)

October 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It was a busy weekend besides the usual busyness on life.  

Heber City hosts a Western Music and Cowboy Poetry event each year.  As wonderful as that sounds, it includes even more western wonders than music and poetry.  New to us was the Mounted Shooting competition.  We attended on Friday afternoon and it was a free event!  How awesome is that?  The event was exciting, fast paced, and impressive.  As the announcer said at one point, how can anyone ride that fast and still shoot with any accuracy?   These cowgirls and cowboys are very talented!

Friday night, we attended the Buckaroo Ball (part of the Western Music and Cowboy poetry event) with a live country band and lots of western dancing.  There were plenty of kids out there kicking up their heels as well as the more polished dancers.  Our ten year old made up some of his own dances and was fascinated by the dance moves of those who have been dancing for years.  I did not take photos during this event as I totally intended to enjoy the festivities with the family.

On Saturday morning, we headed in another direction to Antelope Island for the 2017 Bison Roundup.  This is also a free event although there is a fee to cross the causeway and a state park fee.  Cowboys gather to roundup the bison each year to check their health and to cull the herd so that the island can feed and shelter the animals on it adequately.  People gathered along the roads and viewpoints to watch the cowboys encourage the bison to head in the right direction and into the corral where they would be contained for a period.   I'd been to the bison roundup in South Dakota several years ago, and this is nothing like that event.  The first thing you'll notice is that this is a much, much smaller event. There aren't crowds of spectators, and the bison are far from the spectators who do attend.  I have to admit that I missed hearing the thundering hooves, the heavy breathing of the large animals, and seeing the bison at closer range, but even with that comparison, it is an impressive event to witness.  I appreciate the safety aspect, although I never felt unsafe in South Dakota.  The Utah event may be slower and smaller (who likes crowds anyway?) but it is always exciting to see cowboys in live action and a whole herd of bison running up a mountain.  

Add these events to your calendar for 2018!


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