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Up a Mountain in Utah

October 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Through the canyon and up the mountain - Hobble Creek Canyon to start with, through the Uinta National Forest, and to the peak of Strawberry Mountain, and then back down again over other trails and hills.  This photo was taken along Hobble Creek.

Festival of Foliage (UT)Festival of Foliage (UT) If you've ever traveled over these dirt roads/trails, you know that they continually branch off in different directions, each one inviting you to its own adventure.  Some of these are better roads than others, and we went up some rough roads on this day.  There was early snow a few days prior and it was melting, which meant mud (yay mud! but slippery.)  The road was narrow  for stretches and full of rough rocks for most of the adventure, big rocks with sharp edges.  I just had an alignment done on the Jeep and there is no question that it is roads like these that send me back to the shop to be put back in line again and again.  My dad boasts that his truck has never needed an alignment and I think of his statement each time I travel these jolting trails.  Of course, we know the road conditions and choose to go anyway - it's all part of the adventure.  I also just got new tires on the Jeep and the conditions, snow, mud, rocks, etc. let me test them out (they performed well.)

The vistas were breathtaking, as you might imagine.  The forests were magical.  Note that this photo of aspens was taken on the same day as the ones in the previous post, which were bright yellow.  Location is everything.  Note the remaining snow on the ground amidst the trees. Aspen Road (UT)Aspen Road (UT) At some point in our adventure, we set our sights on the peak of Strawberry Mountain.  Knowing how to use your map is key (or you can hope to be very lucky.)  We arrived at our destination and were rewarded with views of the mountains below and across the valley.   Top of the Mountain (UT)Top of the Mountain (UT) Near the top of the mountain, we came around a curve and startled some sheep moseying along with their trusted guard dogs, two Great Pyrenees.  We patiently waited until the sheep had moved safely away and off the road to pass them.  A bit later and further down the mountain, we startled some calves trotting down the road.  They more quickly headed into the woods and left the road to us.  Further down the mountain, we saw camp after camp of camouflage and 4-wheelers, camping trailers that had been drug up the mountain (not the same way that we had come) - as hunters gathered for this seasonal ritual.  It was time to head back to our own camp in another canyon and light our own fire as we told tales of our adventure the day.

Move to the Side of the Road (UT)Move to the Side of the Road (UT) Guarding the Sheep (UT)Guarding the Sheep (UT)



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