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The Spiral Jetty (Utah)

October 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I've been waiting to see the Spiral Jetty in person for almost a year now, pretty much since we moved to Utah.  It is about an hour and a half drive from Salt Lake City, so you wouldn't think it would be all that hard to get here, but, you know, there are so many other things to do too.  The best directions is to put Golden Spike National Historic Site into your GPS, stop there and see the trains, and the polished railroad tie, and the railroad spikes, and when done there, keep traveling down the same road (16 miles), only the road becomes more of a dirt road.  It's not a bad road, though, and shouldn't be a problem for most vehicles in good weather.

The jetty is a piece of land art that extends into the Great Salt Lake (northeastern shore.)  The artist, Robert Smithson, created this masterpiece in 1970.  It used to be revealed during low tides, but has been visible during  high and low tides since the early 2000's due to the lower water level of the Great Salt Lake.  It is meant to change as nature interacts with man's  work.  The 6,000 tons of obsidian rocks are locally harvested, as the hills sloping towards the salt flats here are abundantly decorated with them.  The spiral itself stretches out and winds around itself for 1,500 feet.  

The form of the jetty is one that you can walk and find relaxation in the activity.  The view, of course, is beautiful.  Weather was calm and sunny the day we visited (mid-October.)  Birds could be heard and seen flying overhead (Great Salt Lake is on the migration path for many birds this time of year.) It was a peaceful location to have a snack, relax as we walked the salt flat, follow the path of the spiral, and just enjoy the scenery.

Spiral Jetty: A View  (UT)Spiral Jetty: A View (UT)

Walking the Spiral Jetty (UT)Walking the Spiral Jetty (UT)

Puppy at the Jetty (UT)Puppy at the Jetty (UT)

Jumping the Jetty (UT)Jumping the Jetty (UT)

Spiral Jetty (UT)Spiral Jetty (UT)

All photos taken with Canon 5D MK II and III, and Canon lenses.  Photos edited up in Adobe PhotoShop CC.


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