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Thar's Gold in Them Mountains

October 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have been eagerly awaiting fall in the mountains, especially for the aspens to turn their magical gold.  We camped the last weekend of September and each day ventured up canyons and over mountains.  Each day there was noticeably more color - mostly red - that spread across the mountain ridges and down the slopes, like red paint slowly pouring down through the forests.  It looked like someone had dumped a million tons of ripe tomatoes over the mountains that were slowly tumbling down to the valleys.  Witnessing this transformation each day was a blessing and a wonder.  On Thursday, we could see the yellows of the aspen tinting the mountains as well.  

After an adventure of dirt roads, mountain peaks, animals, mud, snow, etc., we returned to "real" roads with pavement and traffic and lanes and guard rails and such.  At the intersection of 503 and Rout 40 (Utah), we found some more hills to climb, another trail to follow, and aspens to admire.  The sky was cloudy but temps were mild and it smelled like fall.  It looked like fall.  We made some sandwiches and enjoyed what was left of the afternoon here.  This image is from this spot.

Thar's Gold in Them MountainsThar's Gold in Them Mountains


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