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Puppy Portraits (bonus posting)

October 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Izmir is 10 weeks and 2 days old today.  She finally got her staples out and is rid of her hated cone.  To celebrate her freedom and her cuteness, we did a photo shoot.  Of course, she had treats too.  Enjoy our sweet baby, although I'm not sure Jäävuori would use the word sweet to describe her when she consistently nips the tips of his tail and ears.  He does enjoy playing with her, of course, and they both cry if separated from each other when the play gets too rambunctious (mostly for my own sanity.)

All Ears (and Eyes and Cuteness)All Ears (and Eyes and Cuteness)


Sleeping PuppySleeping Puppy Photos were taken with Canon 5D MKIII and Canon 100mm macro lens.


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