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Flight Park (Utah)

October 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Have you ever dreamed of flying, of floating peacefully as a fluffy cloud, or maybe of climbing high in the sky to dive downwards for the thrill of it?  Not everyone gets to fulfill their dream of flight, but these people do.  For those traveling the I-15 corridor in Utah, seeing paragliders in the sky is a normal experience in good weather near Point of the Mountain (Draper, south of Salt Lake City.)  There are often a couple dozen of them in the sky at the same time on a good morning.

We did not realize until we talked to people that this location is world-class for gliding; people come from all over the globe to glide here.  We briefly met someone who had traveled from overseas to spend his vacation gliding in Utah.  In his ten days here, though, he only had one day of weather good enough for gliding.  He seemed to accept that was the risk, but I still wish he could have enjoyed his vacation more.

Hanging Together (UT)Hanging Together (UT) The colors and gentle motion seem appealing.  Note the one hang glider in the mix too.  This particular image is a composite of several images taken one morning.

Flight Dream (UT)Flight Dream (UT) And the views are impressive - surely another draw to this sport.

Flight Come True (UT)Flight Come True (UT) One morning, I did not see any gliders flying, but went up to the top of the flight park anyway.  It was not a wasted trip.  There were lessons going on, and I learned that this sport is more difficult than it does when I watch them seemingly lazily float above the landscape.  It lis hard work controlling the chute and the very many wires attached to it. I would need to develop more muscles to try this with any success.  

Getting the Hang of It (UT)Getting the Hang of It (UT) These two photos (above and below) are from the top of the flight park where lessons were taking place, and where, when ready, the gliders "jump" from.  Notice the scenery, the beautiful mountains, that surround you here.

Learning to Fly (UT)Learning to Fly (UT) And, of course, you must at some time return to earth.

Landing (UT)Landing (UT)


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