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      Crouse Photography captures as much wonder of the world as we can to share with you in images, stories, and in person.  

      You are invited to join us in our travel adventures, both local distant.  We hope that you are inspired to discover wonders for yourself.  Please share your photos, comments, questions. 

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Surrounding Area - Idaho

It's been just over a month now since the move and we are adjusting to life off-grid (no electric, wi-fi, running water, etc.) We're loving it! Our grandson was running t...
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Arrival (ID)

We arrived in Idaho one week ago - our dream come true. We bought a camper and put it on our new property and are living off-grid for awhile. The dogs and our grandson ar...
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Lavender Fields Forever (UT)

As much as I would have liked to travel to France to see fields of lavender, I found them closer to home. I did not know until we were living here that essential oils is...
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The Palouse (ID)

I am always amazed how many times I say, "How did I not know that?" How do I not know of beautiful places and events and occurrences after all of these years? I keep thin...
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Light So Bright -- How I Got That Shot

Amid sorting and packing and house plans, etc., I do get out for periods of time. As I've mentioned in previous posts, the neighborhood has beautiful landscaping. The flo...
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