Straight Canyon (UTAH)

April 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As if I didn't need yet another hobby, and an expensive one at that, I am learning to fly fish.  Last weekend we took a mini vacation (long weekend) and headed towards southern Utah.  The guy at our local fishing store, Fish Tech Outfitters, said that I absolutely had to try Straight Canyon.  He gave directions and I found it on the map.  I was first struck by its beauty.  It is an iconic western mountain fishing stream, water rushing past and over boulders strewn about the river bed with pine trees lining the edges.  A striking characteristic was the color of the water - turquoise.  It was beautiful.  The canyon road wended around the constant bends of the Cottonwood River, offering brand new scenes and landscapes every few feet.  If you are ever in a rush to get someplace, do not allow a photographer into the vehicle with you - we stop every five feet for another picture.  Eventually, I just had to fish the river with my new fly pole and flies.  I didn't catch anything but it was awesome to be part of the scenery!  

There were some parked cars along the way but I never saw anyone fishing.  We finally figured it out.  This canyon is famous for bouldering.  The cars were not here on this particular day to fish but to scramble on the boulders.  There were license plates from across the US and Canada - impressive.  So, maybe you're looking for a new hobby and bouldering sounds like tons and tons of fun, this is the place to go.  Bring your own gear and enjoy this sport in this gorgeous location.

River through the Canyon (UT)River through the Canyon (UT) Turquoise Waters (UT)Turquoise Waters (UT) Straight Canyon River (UT)Straight Canyon River (UT)

PS - Anyone who wants to help me with fly fishing, let me know and we will meet at the river.



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