Bighorn Sheep of Mt Timpanogos (Utah)

March 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We went to see what hiking would be like near Mt. Timpanogos ("The Timp") and found bighorn sheep.  It hadn't even occurred to me to expect any of these -- deer, yes, elk, maybe, moose, possibly.  The sheep did not seem overly concerned by our watching them as we kept a respectful distance and thanked God for telephoto lenses.  The older sheep were more interested in resting while the younger ones scampered on the rocks and showed more curiosity about us.  There are designated trails for hiking the Time, but we scrambled up some rocks and up the hills and ridges on some other less used trail.  It was fun but muddy, and it was a good workout for heart and legs.  We will be exploring more of this area soon. Bighorn Sheep of UtahBighorn Sheep of Utah

The Timpanogos Why is off I-15 at Lehi.  It's where Adobe has its headquarters and there is an outlet mall at this exit.  The Timp Hwy takes you straight into the mountains.  There were still some nice snowfields on the mountains and the views are awesome.  Pictures of the views will be posted soon  -- just had to get these sheep up first.

Bighorn Herd (Utah)Bighorn Herd (Utah) Bighorn on the Ridge Line (Utah)Bighorn on the Ridge Line (Utah) Bighorn Sheep (Utah)Bighorn Sheep (Utah) Bighorn on the Time (Utah)Bighorn on the Time (Utah)


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