Red Rocks of Echo Canyon - The Difference Focal Point Makes (Utah)

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Without looking at a map, I jumped into the Jeep last weekend and headed off to find Wyoming.  I knew the direction but didn't really have any idea how far away it was.  It's easy enough to find; Wyoming is a pretty big state and I knew the interstate (I-80) went through it.  It's actually not far at all -- 78 miles.  And it's not a long drive when speed limits are 70, then 75, and then even 80 on the way from Salt Lake City to Wyoming.  There wasn't much between SLC and WY but gorgeous scenery, hills and mountains covered in snow.  I tried to get off a few of the exits that did not have services but found that each of them was inaccessible during winter with snow on the ground.  The only indication of roads off the interstate were sign posts.  With a couple feet of snow and then plowed snow piled up, it was clearly not a good move to try to take the Jeep through it.  I did find one exit that was cleared.  I took the exit for Echo Canyon and drove in both directions paralleling the highway.  The road still had some snow and ice on it, but was easy enough to drive as long as I didn't want to drive too quickly.  I hoped to explore the canyon a bit but found that the area is popular with hunters and it was apparently hunting season.  Not wanting to get shot, I stayed on the road and enjoyed what I could see.  

I found large rock outcroppings, tall rock faces, canyons, nooks and crannies in the rocks, hills --- it looks like a place I could have fun exploring.  I will definitely be back once the hunters finish their sport.  

The images below are of the same scene with two different lenses.  One is at 105 mm and the other, the one with a closer view, is at 200 mm.  I thought it would be interesting to show the difference that focal length makes.  In the zoomed-in image, the rocks appear closer together; the space between them is compressed.  The other image (top) has a wider view that allows more of the scene to be photographed.  

Stones Rising from the Snow (Utah)Stones Rising from the Snow (Utah) Lingering Formations (Utah)Lingering Formations (Utah)


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