Fire Performer (Utah)

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There is always something amazing to see around here (Utah).  Without even looking, we discover too many things for us to ever see and do.  This fire performance at the Ice Castle in Midway, UT was one of these wondrous finds.  (Stay tuned - I'll post about the Ice Castle in a few days.)  I don't know the name of the group of performers but they were entertaining and personable.  We were very close and they talked and joked as they performed.  When they finished the show, they posed for photos with the kiddos.  I don't know their name because the group listed on the venue site is not the same group that performed last night.  If anyone knows the name of this group, I'd love to add it and give them the credit they deserve.  

Fire Focus (UT)Fire Focus (UT) If you go to the Ice Castle, the fire performers are there on Friday and Saturday nights.  We watched them breathe fire and dance with fire.  They moved fire from one end of their stick/wand to the other with their hands.  They set their clothes on fire and somehow avoided setting their hair on fire.  There were plenty of oohs and ahas as the fire twirled around them, seeming to surround them.  One performer used S-shaped wands that moved in seemingly mysterious and hypnotizing ways.  The image of the performer lying on the ground breathing fire, split the fire coming from his mouth into two by placing his hand in the fire to divide it.  The kids in the audience kept yelling, "How is he not on fire?!!!"  I heard one kid yell that he wants to breathe fire too.  I'd keep my eyes on that kid for the next week or so and move the matches to a secret and locked location.

Split Fire (UT)Split Fire (UT)

Fire Breather (UT)Fire Breather (UT) Fire Whisperer (UT)Fire Whisperer (UT)



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