Shedd Aquarium (Chicago)

September 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a flurry of activity here with so much to do.  It makes we wonder what we did we the last three years if there is still so much left on our Midwest bucket list.  We have been busy, and we have been seeing and doing and exploring the Midwest since we got here; it's just that there is so much here!

We put the aquarium off as long as we could with good reason, though.  We wanted to bring our two grandsons and wanted the youngest to be as old as possible so that he might remember it, or at least know what he was experiencing.  Both children loved the day we spent watching the fish and marine animals.  They touched live animals, pretended to be penquins, and were amazed by the wonder of the watery worlds.  The larger animals, sharks, dolphins, and whales were probably the favorites of our visit, but it's so hard to choose a favorite from all that we saw.

We visited Shedd during the week, so there was very little crowd.  We sat on the floor in the "room" with the sharks to rest our feet and for little ones to relax and take in what they were seeing, and we did not feel like we were in anyone's way.  There was no need to rush or move along.  There was also an outdoor area with tables and chairs with awesome views of Lake Michigan and Chicago's iconic skyline. 

After our aquarium adventure, we rode in one of those bicycle rickshaw things (pedicab).  As it was rush hour traffic, this was faster and so much more fun than a taxi or Uber.  Our driver took us to Willis Tower and even posed for a photo with us.

Enjoy a couple of pictures!

Beluga Whale (Chicago)Beluga Whale (Chicago) Shark Tank (Chicago)Shark Tank (Chicago)


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