Summer Prairie Flowers

August 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's that time of year when the prairie flowers of the Great Plains are in bloom.  I've learned where to go to get good shots of them and have planted them in my own gardens.  Birds, bees, and other insects create a kind of busy-ness to the scene.  I have not seen many butterflies this year, though.  Besides the prairies, the roadsides along the edges of the corn and soybean fields are also prime locations to find summer's beauty.  The dirt roads between the fields are the best because I can stop in the middle of the road to get out and take photos and there's no one to be upset about my Jeep in their way.  My grandson was thrilled to have butterflies land on his finger.  I never thought he could stand still enough to do that!  After driving through miles of fields with corn taller than the Jeep, we pulled into our favorite farmer's place for the best sweet corn in the world.

There is also a colored version of the queen anne's lace in our flower gallery.  I love the image both ways and had to include them both on the site.

What are the flowers of summer that grow near you? Yellow BreezesYellow Breezes Lace Fit for a Queen - Black and WhiteLace Fit for a Queen - Black and White


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