No Longer King of the Road

August 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

No Rest (Utah)No Rest (Utah)

Rooms to rent, fifty cent.....King of the Road.  Do you remember that song?  So easy to sing along with.  If you don't know it, look it up.  This out of business hotel is in Utah, on our way to awesome pictographs in the canyons.  I know that most towns and every city has run down and abandoned buildings, but they stand out more in the west where they can often be the only building for many miles around.  They are the only thing standing higher than the scrub brush across a vast landscape.  There were a few buildings around this one, both derelict and lived in, but it was clearly a town that once had dreams that didn't turn out the way the dreamers hoped.  It's easy to start making up stories about the people who committed to a place that can be a brutal, although lovely, landscape, but where success is as scarce as water and heffalumps.  Did the Thompsons even have 50 cent in their pocket as they left this small town?  Where did they go?  Where does anyone go when their dream fails?  What do you do next?  I hope that their story had a happy ending.  I hope that the rusty red car is not theirs, which would mean they lost more than a dream of a business and maybe didn't get to escape and move on. Rusty Red Car (Utah)Rusty Red Car (Utah)


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