Nevada, the Surprise

August 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We've spent a lot of time out west over the years, returning frequently when we aren't living out that way, from the Canadian border (and beyond) to the Mexican border.  We love the variations of scenery, the vastness, and its immensity.  Somehow, though, we never explored Nevada.  This last trip, however, included this wonderful state.  There are amazing off-road experiences and scenery to ooh and ahh over.  We will be returning to Nevada this next year for further exploration.  Here are two photos from two places we spent time, neither one very far from Vegas (we did not stop in Vegas).  The black and white image is in the area of what some people have nicknamed Little Finland.  The other is Cathedral Gorge State Park.  There were more places on our list to visit but a dental emergency interrupted our plans.  

Cathedral Canyons (Nevada)Cathedral Canyons (Nevada)Cathedral Gorge (Nevada, USA)

If you have suggestions for rugged and amazing places in this state, please drop us a note or comment on this posting.  If you ever want more info on any of the places we visit, we are happy to share.



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