Aging Barn

August 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We camped this past weekend in the midst of a mosquito hive (if there was such a thing, this place was it).  The drive, though, was an enjoyable wending through Midwestern farm lands.  The corn was taller than I am, the skies mostly foreboding, and the barns wonderful in their stages of distress and stories.  I could not possibly ever take pictures of every barn that I'd like to -- it's not always safe to stop where I want and so I sadly drive on and try to tuck the memory of what I just saw away safely without the use of my camera.  This barn was one  that was on a less traveled road, one where I could stop and take its photo without risking injury.  As I stopped to take a photo of another barn on another country road, someone actually stopped to ask if I was ok.  No one's ever stopped to check on me before while I was taking photos.   I think he may have thought that I had car problems and was just taking pictures to kill time while I waited for help to come by.  I thought it was a sweet gesture, one that demonstrates that all people are not out to kill each other, something I've begun to doubt as I read headlines daily.

Aging Red BarnAging Red Barn

If you know any good country roads with picturesque barns, let us know and we'll try to mosey on that way and "discover" it for ourselves.  Share your own photos of barns and rural life with us as well.




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