Wild Wednesday: Another Seal

May 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

You can't view too many cute seals photos, right?  This one is resting, perhaps even sleeping, in shallow water to keep cool.  There's a part of me that wonders what this one is thinking as I stand and watch, but another part of me reminds me that they do not have the cognitive skills that humans have.  Comfort, a enough food and safety, are enough.  Perhaps we should take note of that and stop worrying about tomorrow when we're ok today.  Enjoy what you have now.  I know, it's not so easy, but sometimes, more often than we do, we shouldbe present in our circumstances and just relax.  Please remind of my words when I sound stressed out.  OK, just look at this seal and that will help you, and me, to smile and to relax.

There are harbor seals and sea lions that claim part of the Pacific beaches as home along the coast of California. The female harbor seals had recently given birth and were nursing their pups when we visited.  It was fun to watch the seals waddle to the edge of the water, wait for a wave, and then flow out to sea with it.  The sea lions, just down the beach a ways, are noisier than the harbor seals, and smellier.  They also show teeth!


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