Travel Tuesday: Death Valley

May 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Sufficient (Death Valley, CA)Sufficient (Death Valley, CA)

One of the things that fascinated me while at Death Valley was the water.  I looked for the rivers that flow when there is water to run or even trickle through them.  I looked for the vegetation that was evidence of sufficient water to meet the needs of the few plants that were lucky enough to grow in the vicinity of this vital resource.  Amidst the stark barreness that abounds in this amazing location, and such starkness has its own beauty, there are pockets of contrasting beauty throughout the valley, among the hills and the various habitats.  I found them soothing to view.  There was water near our campsite that we did not even notice until we woke to the sounds of the many birds that had flocked to it and drew our attention to it.  I found this small oasis on a morning hike.


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