Sensational Saturday: Horses on the Open Range

May 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I don't think that these horses are wild in the true sense of the word as one of the horses with these wore a bandana, but they are sensational.  They were as wild, though, as you can be and still owned.  We were miles from anywhere returning from the Bisti Wilderness in New Mexico when we came upon several horses.  I thought that they portrayed an iconic image of the west in their beauty and strength.  There were several times on our adventure that we came across horses that appeared to be in the wild.  Of course, we saw lots of other animals too, some rather surprising finds (keep up with our blog and you will see them soon.)  My dream is to have horses once again and to ride across open land, up mountain trails, and into the canyons.  Any one up for trail riding with me?

Horses on the open Range (New Mexico)Horses on the open Range (New Mexico)


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