Travel Tuesday: Grand Canyon Two Ways

May 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Every time that I visit the Grand Canyon I make the statement that next time I will take the time to go to the bottom.  I have yet to do that, but I will be back.  I have another grandchild to bring to the canyon when he's old enough to be impressed and to remember the adventure.  This visit was for the same purpose -- to share such immense awe and beauty with a grandchild.  That first look, that gasp of speechlessness, the fear and the magnificence of it all.  Simultaneously you want to step back from the edge while also wanting to take in more of it.  We camped at the park again, this time in a tent.  I find it's so much easier to go off-roading without a trailer bouncing dangerously behind the Jeep.  We joined a ranger hike and learned about fossils and then we found some on our own.  The Junior Park Ranger program at our national parks is loads of fun and great learning.  Did you know that you don't have to be a kid to participate in the program???  Park Rangers encouraged us as adults to also complete the activities and earn badges.  When you arrive at a park, stop at the visitor center and request a junior ranger packet.  There are interesting activities to be completed related to each park, and then you return the book to a ranger, take an oath to protect the parks, and receive your badge.  See how many you can complete!  If you finish your booklet after the visitor center has closed, you can always mail it to them and still earn your badge.  

Grand Canyon (Arizona)Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Big rocks, steep cliffs, striped

Colorado River made

Beautiful canyon!

(haiku by Kyrun DuBois, age 9)


Grand Canyon (desaturated)Grand Canyon (desaturated)


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