Sleeping Bear Dunes - Michigan

October 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Another camping adventure at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore!  I didn't think we had enough time last year, so I took the kids and went back for a few days.  We hiked and played in the water; we climbed the dunes (and climbed, and climbed).  The vistas from the top were awesome!  The lakeshore stretches for miles, so we had to drive to see all of it.  The capground is on the south end, and the high dunes are at the north end.  There are places where the dog could enjoy the dunes and beach with us, and places where he had to wait patiently in the Jeep.  Temps were chill enough that leaving him in the Jeep was not a concern.  From one climb, we stood high above Lake Michigan and could look straight down to the water.  There was a sign saying that it would take a couple of hours to climb back up if one got too close to the edge, or be responsible for a very expensive rescue.  The sand squeaked as we walked in it.  We heard coyotes in the distance one night, and there were bear warnings posted but we didn't notice any signs of bear, still, we took all precautions.  Within the park area are small historic towns.  One includes a boat museum and a blacksmith.  The leaves were beginning to turn brilliant colors while we were there but needed at least another week or so for peak saturation.  I never feel like I have enough time in any one place, but that just means that I have a reason to return, and leaving also means that I have the opportunity to see more wonders in other places too. 

As you look at the photos, what look like mountains in the distance (center to right of photo #1) is actually dunes.  You can see this same dune closer in photo #2 and from a higher perspective in #3.  Image #4 is Empire Bluff.

Sleeping Bear Dunes in the Morning (MI)Sleeping Bear Dunes in the Morning (MI) Sleeping Bear Dunes in Autumn (MI)Sleeping Bear Dunes in Autumn (MI) Sleeping Bear Dunes Vista (MI)Sleeping Bear Dunes Vista (MI) Sleeping Bear Dunes - Empire Bluff (MI)Sleeping Bear Dunes - Empire Bluff (MI) Have you ever been here?  What did you enjoy about Sleeping Bear Dunes?


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