Morning Walk in Autumn Rain (northern Illinois)

October 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I love that the dog invites me to go to outside with him each morning--he loves companionship.  It had rained all night and it was still raining somewhat.  We are camping, so we found a foggy trail through some trees and then through fields.  Here is some of what we saw as we listened to the rain, formations of geese, and sedges of cranes flying overhead.  There were fresh cobwebs strewn everywhere.  There were seed heads and flowers adorned with jewels that will vanish in the sunlight.  I felt completely under dressed to wander among them.  Around one tree I found some wild grapes, and other trees laden with red berries. 

Autumn Rain Grass (IL)Autumn Rain Grass (IL) Autumn Rain Web (IL)Autumn Rain Web (IL) Wild Grapes in Autumn (IL)Wild Grapes in Autumn (IL)

Autumn Rain Rose (IL)Autumn Rain Rose (IL)



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